In Cincinnati

By Don Munro

I don’t know anything

about Cincinnati,

just that it’s in the middle of


well, sort of,

at least more in the middle than

New York,

where I live.

But what I do know about Cincinnati

is that I wouldn’t want to

live there.

You see, I had

a dream.

And I was living there,

working in a TV station as a


and the whole time I was on the job,

I kept thinking about how

lonely I was,

and that I didn’t know anybody,

and that I missed my nephew,


Yet, at the same time,

a voice in the back of my head

kept urging me to go out and

make new friends,

find a new Al-Anon group,

do the work.

But I just couldn’t;

I was too depressed,

the kind of depression

that drags you down deep

and you stay there,

cause there’s no escape.

I’m glad it was

just a dream and


is not

where I live.


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